The Business Magazine

February 2005 edition

From the section called: "ON A TANK OF GAS :: Mini Getaways in Your Own Backyard"

The article:‘Whales and Wildlife’
Flora, Fauna and Fawning Inns at Point Reyes National Seashore

The article starts at p. 68. The following quote about Blackthorne Inn appears at p. 69: 

Breakfast Buffet Gem

One of the most unique lodges, the Blackthorne Inn in Inverness Park, is an oversized elf’s cottage nearly hidden among a hillside forest of laurel, buckeye and oak. Elegantly rustic, this retreat’s rooms are accessed by a circular staircase, with a great room dominated by a grand stone woodstove hearth.

Crowned with a crow’s nest that gives guests 360-degree treetop views -- and the unique experience of using an outdoor bridge to reach their bathroom and the inn’s elevated hot tub -- the inn is luxuriously informal, with natural woods, balconies and decks erasing the lines between interior and exterior spaces.

Throw in one of the morning innkeeper’s excellent buffets, serving up gems such as spinach and mushroom frittata, eggnog walnut pancakes, fresh-baked biscotti and fruit compotes, and the visit feels like a royal treat.

"But we’re on the edge of the wilderness," points out Susan Wigert, proprietor, "and that’s what people want to experience. To come here, 38 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge, stay in a beautiful setting and have the opportunity to get closer to Mother Nature is very spiritual."